Dynamical phenomena in quantum systems

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Fizikai Tudományok Doktori Iskola
Dóra Balázs
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Institute of Physics
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Phd, DSc

Recent advances in cold atomic systems and condensed matter have made the realization of several exotic phenomena possible, such as coherent quantum many-body dynamics and various topological states of matter. These are fundamentally compelling and once understood, potentially lead to applications in the field of spintronics, quantum technologies, quantum information theory and (topological) quantum computation.

In light of these, designing topological systems are highly desirable although they are rather scarce and  it is rather difficult to engineer topologically non-trivial systems. Recently it was demonstrated that the topological properties of matter can successfully be altered by applying time periodic perturbations. This project will focus on the effect of quantized light – matter interactions in a variety of systems, including graphene, topological insulators and superconductors, spin liquids etc. The candodate will investigate the possibility of inducing topological states of matter by quantized electromagnetic fields, and its competition with other phases and instabilities.

In addition, the aim of this PhD is to investigate the quantum butterfly effect, i.e. sensitivity of a system to small perturbations, and information scrambling, occuring in chaotic models. The candidate will disentangle chaotic from regular behaviour in a variety of systems by focusing out-of-time-ordered correlators, analyse the efficiency of information loss, the role of topology, correlations and quantum dynamics.


Excellent grades, especially from quantum mechanics, solid states physics and statistical physics. Enthusiasm towards analytical and numerical work.

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BME Institute of Physics, Department of Physics
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1111 Budapest, Budafoki út. 8.