Investigations of thermal hydraulics of ALLEGRO fuel assemblies

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Tóth Sándor
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Nukleáris Technikai Intézet
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Gas-cooled Fast Reactor (GFR) is one of the Generation IV nuclear reactor concepts. Due to the fast neutron spectrum GFR allows a better utilization of fission material resources and transmutation of Actinides. Moreover, efficiency of its electricity production is higher compering to other concepts because of the high outlet temperature of the core coolant. In the future a prototype of GFRs, ALLEGRO will be built in Central Europe. Its thermal power is planned to be 75 MW using Helium as a coolant. MOX (Mixed OXid) fuel with stainless steel cladding will be used in the staring core of the reactor, in which temperature conditions are moderate. After the qualification tests of ceramic fuel, innovative assemblies with (U,Pu)C fuel and SiC cladding will be loaded in the refractory core. BME NTI is participating in the development of the concept in the framework of some national and international projects. Formerly, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models were built for certain regions of both fuel assembly types in order to investigate their thermal hydraulics.
The candidate should develop their high resolution, three dimensional CFD models for MOX and ceramic fuel assemblies of ALLEGRO in order to study the thermal hydraulical processes in detail. Effects of certain modelling issues should also be addressed.

  • Validation of applied CFD method based on relevant experimental results.
  • Development of detailed 3D models for the entire (or similar extent) fuel assemblies of ALLEGRO reactor.
  • Study of thermal hydraulics during some core conditions.
  • Evaluation of pressure loss and heat transfer correlations.
  • Analysis of effects of heat conduction in solids and thermal radiation.
  • Study of effects of different geometrical parameters on coolant mixing.

Command of language: English
Further requirements: acquaintance of thermal hydraulics, scientific results in research of ALLEGRO (TDK, publications), knowledge of CFX and ICEM codes

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