Dynamics of non-equilibrium charge carriers in semiconductors

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PhD típus: 
Fizikai Tudományok Doktori Iskola
Simon Ferenc
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BME Fizika Tsz.
professor/egyetemi tanár
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PhD, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Korsós Ferenc
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Semilab Zrt.
senior application scientist/vezető méréstechnikai kutató
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Description of non-equilibrium charge carrier dynamics in semiconductors is important for the improvement of photovoltaic efficiency and the characterization of impurity content as well as for the understanding of the underlying physical phenomena. The recombination properties of the charge carriers can be conveniently characterized using contactless methods such as microwave reflection or eddy current detected time-resolved and steady-state photoconductivity. These tools can be also combined with photoluminescence spectroscopy, which provides information about specifically the radiative recombination channel. Good characterization tools and further research is required in directions such as the dependence of charge carrier lifetime on the injected carrier density, the spatial distibution of defects, the inhomogeneous distribution of charges in bulk materials and thin films, and the role of competing relaxation channels. In addition to studying the fundamental questions, we aim at monitoring the change of these phenomena during semiconductor processing. It is our goal to develop the instrumentation of these combined methods in a manner which is compatible for a subsequent industrial implementation and which also allows to study the carrier dynamics in a broad temperature and / or injection level range. The candidate shall participate in these activities with a combined effort on instrument development, measurements on semiconductors, and theoretical modelling of charge carrier dynamics in semiconductors.

Good and broad background knowledge in general physics, solid state physics, and physics of semiconductors. Good English knowledge, experience with instrument development.

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Semilab Zrt. és BME
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Prielle Kornélia u. 4/A. H-1117 és 1111 Budapest, Budafoki út. 8.