Időpont Előadó Címcsökkenő sorrend esemeny_tipus
2015.12.15. 13:15 László Pósa Resistive switches from SiO2
2018.11.29. 16:15 Richárd Balka (Rényi Institute) Restrictions of Brownian motion
2016.03.01. 13:15 Szabolcs Csonka RF Reflectometry of nanoelectronic devices
2017.03.16. 16:15 Balázs Ráth (BME) Rigid representations of the component structure of dynamic random graph models
2016.10.25. 10:30 G.Horváth Ákos Ruletták a Minkowski síkon
2018.05.17. 16:15 Tom Hutchcroft (Cambridge) Scaling exponents for high-dimensional spanning forests and sandpiles
2016.12.02. 09:15 Zsolt Bagoly (ELTE Dept. Complex. Syst.) Searching for electromagnetic transients the Fermi GBM data with ADWO
2017.01.05. 16:15 Alan Hammond (UC Berkeley) Self-avoiding polygons and walks: counting, joining and closing
2018.02.28. 14:00 Farkas Máté (Gdansk) Self-testing mutually unbiased bases in the prepare-and-measure scenario
2017.03.02. 08:15 János Volk Semiconducting nanowires