Unique Infrastructure

Our Laboratories

Nanoelectronics Research Lab (Department of Physics)

  • Atomic and Molecular Electronics

    Our central research objective is to establish and study novel device structures, where the characteristic size of the active region is close to atomic dimensions.

  • Quantum Electronic

    The Quantum Electronics Momentum Group of the Budapest University of Technology explores and engineers nanocircuits operating in the Quantum regime.


Complex Magnetic Structure Lab (Department of Physics)

Our research group investigates magnetic materials with strong coupling between their spin, charge and lattice degrees of freedom.



Physical Optics Lab (Department of Atomic Physics)

The main research areas of the Physical Optics Laboratory of Department of Atomic Physics are applied optical and laser physics applications, optical technology research and the development of optical diagnostic equipments.

Surface Physics Lab (Department of Atomic Physics)

The subject of research of Surface Physics Laboratory of Department of Atomic Physics are applied materials science research/investigations, examination of functional materials, developing advanced measurement technologies, measurement methods and equipments.


Training Reactor (Institute of Nuclear Physics)

The Training Reactor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is a light water moderated and cooled reactor of 100 kW nominal thermal power (Fig. 1). The core consists of EK-10 type fuel assemblies, containing 10% enriched UO2 in metal magnesium matrix. The fuel region is surrounded by graphite reflector assemblies. The maximum thermal neutron flux in the reactor core is 2.7·1012n/cm2s.