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2015.12.11. 09:15 András Pályi Valley qubit in a silicon quantum dot
2016.02.16. 12:00 András Pályi Fast relaxation processes of donor-based spin qubits in silicon
2016.09.30. 12:15 András Magyarkuti Nanoparticle array system as a tool in molecular electronics
2017.03.02. 10:45 András Magyarkuti Break Junction Measurement on Conjugated Molecules
2024.04.12. 08:15 András Lászlóffy (Wigner FK) Topological band formation in magnetic chains on superconductors Szeminárium
2016.09.27. 12:15 Andras Gyenis (Princeton) Imaging electronic states on topological Dirac and Weyl semimetals using scanning tunneling microscopy
2020.01.14. 09:00 András Gyenis (Princeton) Experimental realization of an error-protected 0-π superconducting qubit Szeminárium
2021.12.14. 15:15 András Gyenis (Boulder) Noise-protected superconducting qubits Szeminárium
2022.09.30. 08:15 András Grabarits (BME) Superdiffusive quantum work and adiabatic quantum evolution in finite temperature chaotic Fermi systems Szeminárium
2021.09.17. 08:15 András Grabarits (BME) Classical Theory of Universal Quantum Work Distribution in Chaotic Fermi Liquids Szeminárium