Időpont Előadó Címsort descending esemeny_tipus
2023.03.14. 17:15 Chuang Xu (Hawaii) Structural classification of continuous-time Markov chains with applications Szeminárium
2023.04.11. 17:15 Giulia Giordano (Trento) Structural stability of biochemical reaction networks Szeminárium
16:30 to 19:00
Student Career Program (SCP) - Interactive meeting BME esemény
2016.02.19. 09:15 Péter Rakyta Study of ballistic quantum antidots and dots situated in magnetic field
2016.10.28. 12:15 Kasper Grove-Rasmussen (Copenhagen) Sub-gap states and progress on spin entanglement detection in hybrid superconductor quantum dot nanostructures
14:30 to 16:00
Bayer Gábor (77 Elektronika) Success, physics and questions at 77 Elektronika Szilárd Leó Kollokvium
2022.04.04. 08:00 Caglar Girit (College de France, CNRS Paris) Superconducting on-chip spectrometer for mesoscopic quantum systems Szeminárium
2020.11.09. 13:15 Tamás Galambos (Basel) Superconducting Quantum Interference in Edge State Josephson Junctions Szeminárium
2016.10.07. 12:15 Bálint Fülöp Supercurrent with quantum Hall effect in graphene
2022.09.30. 08:15 András Grabarits (BME) Superdiffusive quantum work and adiabatic quantum evolution in finite temperature chaotic Fermi systems Szeminárium