Időpont Előadó Címsort ascending esemeny_tipus
2018.11.13. 12:15 Karsai János The impact of vaccination on the spread of varicella in Hungary
16:30 to 18:15
Székelyhidi László (Universität Leipzig), Uriel Frisch (CNRS, France) The Geometry of Turbulence Alkalmazott Matematikai Nap
2024.05.03. 08:15 Gergő Pintér (BME) The geometry of the hermitian matrix space and the Schrieffer-Wolff transformation Szeminárium
2020.02.27. 16:15 Olof Elias (Chalmers, Gothenburg) The fractal cylinder model Szeminárium
14:30 to 15:30
Dr. Simon Ferenc (BME) The first 70 years of spintronics Szilárd Leó Kollokvium
2017.05.24. 11:15 Yasir Iqbal (Würzburg) The diverse footprints of quantum spin liquids in 3D frustrated magnets
2024.04.19. 08:15 Tibor Rakovszky (Stanford) The dissipation-assisted approach to quantum transport: extensions and new results Szeminárium
2019.01.31. 16:15 Bálint Virág (Toronto) The Directed Landscape
2024.03.19. 17:15 Jiaxin JIN The Dimension of the R-Disguised Toric Locus of a Reaction Network Szeminárium
2018.05.31. 16:15 Tyler Helmuth (Bristol) The continuous-time lace expansion and its applications