Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipussort descending
2016.11.02. 16:00 Mosonyi Milán Kvantum játékok és a Connes beágyazási sejtés
2016.04.01. 08:15 Viktor Ivády (Linköping and Wigner) Optical dynamic nuclear spin polarization through solid-state quantum bit processing
2017.03.16. 10:15 Pawan Srivastava Recents results on charge sensors based on InAs nanowires and barrier characterisation in InAs/InP nanowire heterostructures
2018.06.14. 16:15 Antar Bandyopadhyay (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi) Random Recursive Tree, Branching Markov Chains and Urn Models
16:00 to 19:00
Cégvilág 2018
2016.10.06. 16:15 Bálint Péter Convergence of moments in dispersing billiards with cusps
17:00 to 19:00
Härtlein Károly Gyermeknapi fizika
2018.10.04. 14:15 Pintér Miklós (BME) Strategic Ambiguity
2018.12.19. 14:15 Terlaki Tamás-Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA Six Decades of Interior Point Methods: From Periphery to Glory
2015.11.03. 13:15 Pawan Srivastava Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Graphene: An Investigation on Effect of Dielectric Environment on Carrier Mobility and Doping