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16:00 to 18:00
Denis Weaire FRS (Trinity College, Dublin) On growth and form (of bubbles) Alkalmazott Matematikai Nap
2016.06.02. 10:30 Bezdek Károly On minimizing the volume of self-polar convex bodies in spherical d-space
2022.10.13. 14:00 Kolumbán József On recent results regarding the mathematical model of turbulent fluid mixing via convex integration Szeminárium
2016.11.04. 09:15 Gábor Hofer-Szabó (Res. Inst. Humanities, HAS) On the Bell inequalities
2018.10.03. 16:00 Antonio M. Peralta, University of Granada, Spain On the extension of isometries
2018.06.07. 16:15 Botond Szabó (Leiden) On the fundamental understanding of divide-and-conquer methods
2017.03.23. 16:15 Patrik Ferrari (Bonn) On the limiting distributions for KPZ growth with random initial condition
2018.05.15. 10:30 Bezdek Károly (University of Calgary and University of Pannonia) On totally separable translative packings
2017.11.15. 13:15 Attila Geresdi (TU Delft) On-chip microwave spectroscopy: The toolset to identify topological superconductivity
2016.11.18. 13:00 Attila Geresdi (TU Delft) On-chip spectroscopy of the 4π periodic Josephson effect in InAs nanowires