Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipussort descending
2024.03.19. 17:15 Jiaxin JIN The Dimension of the R-Disguised Toric Locus of a Reaction Network Szeminárium
2022.09.23. 08:15 László Oroszlány (ELTE) Electrically driven singlet-triplet transition in triangulene spin-1 chains Szeminárium
2020.03.09. 13:00 György Frank (BME) Magnetic degeneracy points in interacting two-spin systems: geometrical patterns, topological charge distributions, and their stability Szeminárium
2022.04.11. 08:00 Pertti Hakonen (Aalto) 1/f NOISE IN SUSPENDED GRAPHENE: surface diffusion, impurity clustering, and mobility fluctuations Szeminárium
2023.02.14. 16:15 Radek Erban (Univ. of Oxford) Chemical reaction networks: systematic design, noise control, and limit cycles Szeminárium
2020.12.11. 09:15 Sára Lévay (BME) Interacting jammed granular systems Szeminárium
2022.01.11. 16:00 Gábor Szederkényi (Budapest, Pázmány Péter Catholic Univ.) Persistence and stability of kinetic compartmental models with bounded capacities Szeminárium
2021.04.12. 12:15 Daniel Podolsky (Technion) Non-linear optics of periodically-driven systems Szeminárium
2024.03.26. 10:30 Filip Zivanovic Floer theory of symplectic C*-manifolds Szeminárium
2022.05.23. 08:00 Simone Gasparinetti (Chalmers) Microwave measurements of gated superconducting weak links Szeminárium