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2016.09.30. 08:15 Attila Császár (ELTE Dept. Phys. Chem.) Spectroscopic networks
2020.12.14. 13:15 Judit Romhányi (UC Irvine) Spin Hall and Chern insulator phases realized by triplet excitations Szeminárium
2016.04.06. 11:00 Peter Makk (Uni. Basel) Spin pumping into graphene
2019.10.25. 08:15 Péter Balla (Wigner) Spin Spiral Surfaces in Heisenberg Magnets: Explicit constructions of models with ground state degeneracy Szeminárium
2018.12.07. 09:15 Levente Rózsa (U. Hamburg) Spin waves and damping in noncollinear spin systems
2015.11.17. 13:15 Péter Rakyta (ELTE) Spin-hedgehog on a sheet of graphene
2016.04.12. 08:00 Martin Gmitra (Regensburg) Spin-orbit coupling in graphene, few-layer graphene structures, graphite and role of functionalization
2022.02.25. 09:15 Jakub Zelezny (Prague) Spin-transfer torque in non-collinear antiferromagnetic junctions Szeminárium
2022.11.07. 09:15 Csaba György (Pázmány) Spin-wave-based computing for future electronics Szeminárium
2020.06.29. 08:00 Sergio Valenzuela (ICN2) Spintronics with 2D materials Szeminárium