Simultaneous PET-MR equipment image quality assessment, improvement of measurement and image reconstruction methodology

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The PhD candidate joins the R&D effort coordinated by Mediso Ltd. The project aims at developing a preclinical, multimodal, simultaneous PET-MRI (Positron Emission Tomography - Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment. This involves the prototype component design, manufacturing, integration and further: the development, testing and validation of reconstruction techniques and image processing. 

The task of the candidate is to improve PET image reconstruction algorithms in order to facilitate the use of high fidelity Monte Carlo simulations on graphics processing units in a way that the improvement in image reconstruction should benefit from the improvement in physics modelling.  The candidate joins the MRI sequence development efforts that produce better anatomic maps for the physics modelling and improved segmentation algorithms. The surplus information obtained this way can be used in the improved PET image reconstruction algorithms. Further tasks of the candidate include the testing of the prototype PET-MRI regarding the interaction of its subsystems, analysis and interpretation of its image quality impact and support of possible correction efforts.



experience in MRI sequence development, deteailed knowledge of ML-EM algoithms, of Monte Carlo methods and of Medical Imaging

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