Időpont Előadó Címcsökkenő sorrend esemeny_tipus
2018.03.23. 14:15 Ábel Farkas (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) Conditional measure on the Brownian path and other random sets II.
2017.04.20. 09:00 Endre Tóvári Conducting channels and localization in graphene in a magnetic field
2016.12.08. 16:15 Balázs Gerencsér (Rényi Institute) Consensus and mixing on Small World Networks
2016.10.06. 16:15 Bálint Péter Convergence of moments in dispersing billiards with cusps
2018.09.28. 08:15 Spyros Sotiriadis (U. Ljubjana) Correlation Functions of the Quantum Sine-Gordon Model in and out of Equilibrium
2018.02.09. 09:15 Izabella Lovas (BME Dept. Theor. Phys.) Correlations and dynamics in interacting cold atomic systems
2015.10.02. 08:15 Péter Lévay Coupled Cluster Method and Entanglement
2017.11.09. 16:15 Lorenzo Federico (TU Eindhoven) Critical percolation on the Hamming graph
2018.03.08. 16:15 Dominic Yeo (Technion, Haifa) Criticality in random transposition random walk
2020.01.28. 13:00 Csóré András doktori házivédése Szeminárium